12+ Great 2022 Short Story Collections by Asian Authors

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Written by Patricia Thang, and was originally published in Book Riot,
Mar 04, 2022

Last year, I compiled this list of short story collections by Asian authors, declaring 2021 the year of the short story. But as it turns out, my reading habit continues to show no signs of coming back in full force any time soon, so for better or for worse, perhaps it will actually be the decade of the short story for me.

Short stories are a relatively recent discovery for me, having only started consciously picking up collections here and there some years back. And spoiler alert: they’re kinda the best! As much as I once loved the feeling of getting swept up and finding my whole life revolving around the expansive stories of novels and series, I’ve begun to find the short form increasingly appealing and wonderful. I marvel at the ability of short story writers to transport me to new places, make me feel things, and ask me huge questions of life and humanity, all in such a short span.

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