The Golden Shackle

Works in Translation

Iksaka Banu, translated by Maya Saputra
Published as a part of Dalang Publishing’s Your Stories, Jun 04, 2017

Originally published in Jurnal Perempuan 84, Feb 01, 2015 as Belenggu Emas.

The living room looked very comfortable, with wide-open windows so the cool air of Koto Gadang could freely enter the room. The breeze gently blew away the fatigue caused by sitting for six hours on the steam train owned by the Soematra Staatsspoorwegen that had departed from Padang yesterday afternoon. I glanced at Mrs. Joanna Adriana Westenenk, who sat next to me. Even though she was accustomed to traveling all over Western Sumatra, I assumed she felt the same kind of exhaustion that I did.

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