Radhar Panca Dahana: Uncovering dirty politics layer by layer

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About Radhar Panca Dahana,
Written by Hans David Tampubolon, and was originally published in Jakarta Post,
Jan 30, 2017

There is an old adage that says “politics is the art of telling the truth but not the whole truth.” It is a very famous saying among seasoned politicians and it clearly depicts what politics is all about in practice instead of its normative formal definition.

For those who are well informed and familiar with realpolitik, the proverb cannot be more wrong. Politics, most of the time, consist of many different layers of truth and deception and to get to the definitive truth, one must be committed and diligent enough to bypass those layers.

Senior thespian, director and poet Radhar Panca Dahana is one of those artists who has dedicated his life and work to unravel the truth about politics to the public. For the 51-year-old Radhar, making the public aware of the reality of practical politics is a given responsibility as an artist.

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