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In this article: Sindhunata,
Written by Andy Fuller, and was originally published in Personal Blog,
Jul 08, 2014

The writings of Sindhunata are further evidence of the often greater-privileged status of global football over that of the national team and the domestic leagues of Indonesia. Sindhunata is the author of three books on football: Bola di Balik Bulan (The Ball Behind the Moon), Air Mata Bola (The Tears of the Ball) and Bola-Bola Nasib (The Balls of Fate) (2002). These books are collections of his columns written for Kompas newspaper since the late 1980s. Sindhunata graduated from Driyarkara School for Philosophy in 1980, before doing his PhD in Munich from 1986 to 1992. Many of the essays of Bola-Bola Nasib were written during this period in Munich and thus they cover many of the issues arising from games played in the Champions League, English Premier League, German League and Spanish League.

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