Adhitya Mulya


He was born in Medan and currently lives in
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Adhitya Mulya (Adit) aspires to be a story-teller.

At early age, Adit learned and enjoyed story telling thru visual mediums like movies and drawings. This, inspired little Adit to take up drawing as a child, and later photography in his teen years.

As young adults, Adit tries to expand his storytelling medium thru novels. Jomblo (2003) is his first novel (romantic comedies) and was national best-seller – and later made into a movie by the same title (2006). He went on to write another rom-com novel Gege Mengejar Cinta (2004).

Adit uses novels as a medium to try new genres. Travelers Tale (2007) was the amongst the first Indonesian fiction novels with traveling theme before the theme became mainstream in Indonesia. Mencoba Sukses (2012) was his effort to try on horror-comedy which later found, not working very well.

He released Sabtu Bersama Bapak (2014), a family themed novel which again became national best seller, well received, and also made its’ way into motion picture (2016).

His latest novel, Bajak Laut & Purnama Terakhir (2016) – is his effort in learning how to make a thriller-history novel.