Anindita S. Thayf


She was born in Makassar (Apr 05, 1978), and currently lives in Yogyakarta
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Award-winning author Anindita Siswanto Thayf was born in Makassar on April 5, 1978. She has had a love affair with words since her youth, writing short stories for children through her high school years. Some of these stories were published in the local newspaper, Pedoman Rakyat. In 2001, to satisfy her father’s wishes, she obtained a degree in Electrical Engineering from the Hassanudin University in Makassar.

Unable to secure employment as an electrical engineer, Anin continued to write and was accepted as a feature writer and assistant editor for Majalah Makassar Terkini. Anin’s essays and short stories have been published by local as well as national media. Her novel, Tanah Tabu – (Gramedia 2009) won the 2008 Jakarta Arts Council Novel Competition. Other award-winning works include Jejak Kala– (Penerbit Andi 2009) – won the 2010 Award for Indonesian Literature and Language from the Yogyakarta Council on Language. “Lagu Sup Jagung” placed second in the 2010 Short Story Competition of Majalah Femina. Her novel, Ulin, took first prize in the 2012 Serial Novel Competition of Majalah Femina.

Anin is currently a full-time writer and working on another historical novel. To support her imagination and writing process, she and her husband, Ragil, live on the tranquil slope of Mount Merapi, surrounded by salak plantations.1

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