Arif Bagus Prasetyo


He was born in Madiun (Sep 30, 1971), and currently lives in Denpasar

A well-known poet, critic, and translator. He attended the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa, the United States. His first book of poems, Mahasukka, appeared in 2000. His second book of poems, Memento (2009), received the “Widya Pataka Award” from the Provincial Government of Bali. His book of literary criticism, Epifenomenon, appeared in 2005. He received “The Best Literary Criticism National Award” from the Jakarta Arts Council. Memento: Poems (2015) is the English edition of his collected poems, Memento. The translation of this book was subsidized by the Agency of Language Development and Cultivation, Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, in preparation of Indonesia as Guest of Honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015.