Arleen Amidjaja


She was born in Jakarta and currently lives in Jakarta
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Born 1974 in Indonesia, Arleen Amidjaja is a mother of two. Arleen started writing children books in 2004. At that time, she found it quite challenging to find good children books at affordable prices in Jakarta. Her first books were published in 2005. Raised bilingual in a multicultural nation, most of her books are bilingual. Some of her books had become bestsellers (“I Love You Mom”, “Kingdom Tales Collection”, “Motivate Your Kids the Right Way” and “Animal Tales Collection”) and have been published in Malaysia, Vietnam and India.

Arleen holds a BSc in Commerce and an MBA in Finance and is currently working full time in a distribution company in Jakarta. Even though her education background and work had given her more chances to deal with numbers rather than words, Arleen was raised as a book-loving individual. In the past ten years, she had written more than 230 children books and 8 adult novels.1

  1. Pulau Imaji 

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