Arswendo Atmowiloto


He was born in Surakarta, Jawa Tengah (Nov 26, 1948), and died in Jakarta (Jul 19, 2019) . He also appears under pseudonym Titi Nginung.

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One of few very productive writers in Indonesia who has achieved many awards. Before he works as an editor of Hai magazine, he worked at humorous magazines Astaga and Midi which were the root of Hai magazine. At Hai magazine, he wrote the series of Imung, Kiki dan Komplotannya, and martial arts story Senopati Pamungkas. He also wrote other writings and articles. Atmowiloto is known for his slogan “Mengarang itu Gampang” (In English: Writing is Easy) which eventually became the title of a rubric in Hai magazine and was then made into book with the same title, followed by its continuation, Mengarang Novel Itu Gampang. He had written a number of drama scripts, tens of articles, novels, essays, columns; and hundreds of short stories.1

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