F. Rahardi


Floribertus Rahardi, popularly known by his name, F. Rahardi, was born in Ambarawa (Jun 10, 1950), and currently lives in Jakarta

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F.Rahardi or Floribertus Rahardi is a poet and a journalist. A principal of elementary school for 5 years before he shifting his work as a writer. He starts to write poems, short stories, essays. One of his work Soempah WTS (1983) got much attention and publication since when he read it Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta, he bring along whores with him.

He also writes articles, columns, critiques on literature, short stories and novels. He dropped out of senior high school in grade 11, but passed a special examination to become a teacher in 1969. After that he became an elementary teacher and a head master in a school in Kendal Regency, Central Java. In 1974 he went to Jakarta and changed his profession into a journalist, an editor and wrote articles and columnist in various media. He first wrote poetry at the end of 1960s and was published in Semangat Magazine, Basis Magazine (Jogjakarta), and Horison magazine (Jakarta). He then wrote articles, critiques on literature, short stories, and novels.


256 page(s), Lamalera