Faiza Mardzoeki


She was born in Purwokerto (Feb 07, 1972), and currently lives in Sleman

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A playwright, theatre director, producer, and activist.

Since 2003 she has divided her residence between Indonesia and Australia. Since 2002 till the present day, Faiza has initiated and produced nine theatre productions, some of which she wrote by herself.

Faiza has apassionate love for the performing arts, especially theatre.When traveling, catching a performing arts production is on the top of her list. She has watched several Broadway and Off Broadway productions in NewYork, and observed a Norwegian theatre company prepare and stage a production. Other places where she has watched a performance includes Amsterdam, Berlin, Denmark, Singapore, and Australia. She is especially fond of international performing arts festivals with participants hailing from different parts of the world.

Faiza’s love for the art of theatre started in 1992 when she joined theatre rehearsals with Wiji Tukul (a missing poet who was kidnapped by the Orde Baru government) and factory workers. Several years later she rehearsed with Ratna Sarumpaet of Satu Merah Panggung in the 1996 production of Pesta Terakhir. Faiza is convinved that theatre is a creative labor process that is capable of enlightening the actor and the audience with a new understanding of social issues and other problems of humanity.

Most of Faiza’s performing arts activities are motivated by her desire to speak up about women issues in Indonesia and raisesociety’s awareness and concern for them. In every opportunity, Faiza is prepared to collaborate with men and women, establishing better bargaining power for women, including in the world of art it self.1

  1. Faiza Mardzoeki 


Nyanyi Sunyi Kembang-Kembang Genjer
(The Silent Song of Genjer Flowers)
90 page(s), Ultimus