Felix K. Nesi


He was born in Nesam-Insana, NTT (Aug 30, 1988), and currently lives in Kupang
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He was born in Nesam-Insana, East Nusa Tenggara, 1988. He completed studies at SMA Seminari Lalian and Faculty of Psychology at Malang Merdeka University. He was chosen as Emerging Writers in the Makassar International Writers Festival (MIWF) 2015.

His first book, a short story collection, is Usaha Membunuh Sepi (2016). His draft ­Orang-Orang Oetimu was awarded the winner of novel competition by Jakarta Art Council in 2018. The draft was published by Marjin Kiri in 2019 with the same title.

He is now active in Komunitas Leko, Kupang.1

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Orang-Orang Oetimu
(People of Oetimu)
220 page(s), Marjin Kiri

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