Merari Siregar


He was born in Sipirok (Jul 13, 1896), and died in Kalianget (Apr 23, 1941)
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He completed his studies at a Kweekschool and in 1923 received a diploma as Handelscorrespondent Bond ‘Federal Trade Correspondent’ in Jakarta. He taught in Medan, North Sumatra, and then worked in a public hospital in Jakarta, after that he started to move again, this time to Madura. He wrote Si Jamin dan Si Johan(‘The History of Jamin and Johan’) which was an adaptation of Jan Smees by the Dutch author Justus Van Maurik. In Cerita tentang Busuk dan Wanginya Kota Betawi, he wrote about the “rot” and “perfume” of Batavia. He is especially known for Azab dan Sengsara (‘Pain and Suffering’) from 1920 about the problems of a forced marriage.