Stefani Hid


She was born in Surabaya (Aug 12, 1985), and currently lives in Munich, Germany

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Stefani Hid has written novels, short-stories, and columns. Her first novel Bukan Saya, Tapi Mereka Yang Gila (It’s Not Me, but It’s Them Who’re Crazy!) was published by Kata Kita publishing in 2004. After the publication of her first novel, she has been written some short stories which has been published in newspapers, magazines and journals: Jurnal Prosa, Koran Tempo, Suara Merdeka, Media Indonesia, Spice! and Matra. Her second novel, Soulmate: Belahan Jiwa (Soulmate), was published in the same year by Kata Kita publishing, followed by her third novel, Cerita Dante (Dante’s Story), which was published in 2006 by Grasindo publishing. In 2008, Grasindo publishing published her short stories collection entitled Oz (Oz). Her novels and short stories deal with the theme of existentialism, fatalism and absurdity.

Her short story “Penghuni Kepalaku” (“The Inhabitant of my Head”) has been translated into German with the title “Mein Kopfbewohner”, together with some Indonesian writers in Duft der Asche: Literarische Stimmen indonesischer Frauen and has been presented by Nicola Toelke in Hubi, Ochtrup, Germany. Some parts of her first novel Bukan Saya, Tapi Mereka Yang Gila (It’s Not Me, but It’s Them Who’re Crazy!) have been translated into English together with other writers in Menagerie 7: People like Us. In 2012, Gramedia Pustaka Utama published her novel Katzenjammer: Cerita Tentang Henning dan Aya (Katzenjammer: A Story about Henning and Aya).1

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