Henny Triskaidekaman, popularly known by her name, Triskaidekaman, was born in Pontianak (May 18, 2018), and currently lives in Jakarta

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A non-clinical medical worker who resides in Jakarta. Her first novel-in-print Buku Panduan Matematika Terapan (Gramedia Pustaka Utama, 2018) was the 1st winner of 2017 Unnes International Novel Writing Contest. Won 2017 Bookscamp (Bookslife Digital Publishing). Was the 2nd winner of StorialCo November 2017’s Month of Novel Writing (community Nanowrimo competition). Had been a volunteer in StorialCo writing community, November 2016-March 2018; and once was a facilitator in their sharing class, where she explored and shared about epistolary fiction. From genres of crime, science fiction, to absurd/magical realism, she often writes novels and novellae (including online ones), but also writing short stories and poems although never officially published in print.


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