Zen Hae


He was born in Jakarta (Apr 12, 1970), and currently lives in Jakarta

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A poet, short story writer, and researcher who actively explores literature. He previously worked as a document/script writer for Bintang Group. He graduated with a degree in language and literature from IKIP Jakarta (now Jakarta State University – Universitas Negara Jakarta) and has served as a member of Jakarta Arts Council (Dewan Kesenian Jakarta: 2006-2012). Author of “Rumah Kawin” (short stories collection, 2004) and “Paus Merah Jambu (poetry collection, 2007). “Paus Merah Jambu” won the Best Literary Work 2007 award from Tempo magazine and was one of the top five works at the Khatulistiwa Literary Award 2007.

Besides being one of the founders of Indonesian Art Coalition (Koalisi Seni Indonesia), Zen Hae writes and edits KSI’s website text.1

  1. Koalisi Seni 


Paus Merah Jambu
Poetry Collection
115 page(s), Akar Indonesia
Rumah Kawin
Collection of Short Stories
153 page(s), KataKita

Work(s) in Translation

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