Churning Waters


Written by Madina Malahayati Chumaera, and published as a part of VICE Fiction Week – Indonesia 2038. Jan 06, 2018

jakarta is silent like no other – the ghost of honking cars and scorching heat haunting its horizon, as if the city is saying: it was not supposed to be like this.

the water crashing against skyscrapers and concrete isn’t a welcome soundscape.

wulandari steps out of the paraheli with a grace that can only be derived from frailness. she’s trying,
honestly – but she knows she’s failing. to be stronger in that grace, to keep her head high and walk to the edge of the viewing platform without a trace of pain in her features – for the cameras around her; for this wretched, lovely city; and for herself. she looks out to this city that she tried her best to save – but seeing the destruction, even amongst the new and glittering structure built on top of its deceivingly calm waters, just breaks her chest even more.

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