Heels of Apocalyptic End


Written by Ziggy Zezsyazeo viennazabrizkie, and published as a part of VICE Fiction Week – Indonesia 2038. Jan 05, 2018

“I was born here.”
“In this city?”

“In this city,” she nodded. I liked how her hair moved when she nodded. It’s like a black cascade. I cut it once in a while, and she let me keep the scraps in a tin box. In return, I brought candles; three at a time. She likes real things. Real person. Real fire. Real legs. She’s holding them now, the candles. Close to her breasts, like a mother and her new-born. “Is this still the capital?” she asked. Waiting no affirmation, her face contorted in dazzled frown. “How do they even function as capital?”

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