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Indonesian Women Writers

Book / Anthology — Women in Translation

Indonesian Women Writers

by Ayu Utami Helvy Tiana Rosa Intan Paramaditha Leila S. Chudori Lily Yulianti Farid Linda Christanty Melani Budianta Nukila Amal Oka Rusmini (among others)

Format: Paperback, English
268 page(s)
ISBN/ISBN13: /978-3-940132-80-2
Published Oct 01, 2015 by Regiospectra

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Indonesian women’s fiction has flourished since the beginning of the Reformasi Era in 1998. Who are the authors? What do they write about? What are the contexts of their writings?

This anthology offers a taste of this literary phenomenon by selecting nine stories, five author’s interviews, and five scholarly essays. It covers a variety of genres and themes, from social realism to gothic mystery to romance, from gender and sexuality to political satire to Islamic piety.

Indonesian Women Writers is a must read for students and scholars of Indonesian and Southeast Asian studies as well as a general audience with an interest in contemporary fiction.1

Table of Content


Indonesian Women’s Writing: From Invisibility into the Limelight
Melani Budianta and Yvonne Michalik


Excerpts from”Banal Asthetics and critical spiritualism: A Dialog of Photography & Literature in 13 Fragments“
Ayu Utami

Interview with Ayu Utami
by Yvonne Michalik, Melani Budianta and Martin Jankowski

The Leech (Lintah)
A short story from the book „They say I am an Monkey! (Mereka bilang saya Monyet!)“
Djenar Maesa Ayu

Interview with Djenar Maesa Ayu
by Yvonne Michalik and Melani Budianta

Spinner of Darkness (Pemintal Kegelapan)
Intan Paramaditha

Interview with Intan Paramaditha
by Melani Budianta and Yvonne Michalik

Brunch (Smokol)
Nukila Amal

Coffee and Tea (Teh dan Kopi)
Leila S. Chudori

The Devil’s Tree
A fragment from the novel “Tempurung”
Oka Rusmini

Interview with Oka Rusmini
by Melani Budianta

Lake (Danau)
A short story from Family room (Ruang Keluarga)
Lily Julianti Farid

Weeds (Rumput Liar)
Linda Christanty

Interview with Linda Christanty
by Melani Budianta and Yvonne Michalik

Cut Vi
Helvy Tiana Rosa


Emerging Women Writers in the Reformasi Period
Manneke Budiman

Indonesian Muslim Women Writers and Their Writings:
Women, Islam and Religious Identity
Diah Arimbi

The New Generation of Women Writers from the Pesantren Tradition in Indonesia
Nor Ismah

Lily Yulianti Farid, Feminist Geographer
Pamela Allen

The Transfer of Djenar Maesa Ayu’s Book They Say I Am a Monkey! (Mereka bilang saya Monyet!) into a Film – A Short Analysis of the Similarities and Differences
Yvonne Michalik

  1. Das regionale Fachbuch 

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