The Turning Wheel

Book / Novel

by Putu Oka Sukanta
Translated by Keith Foulcher

Format: Paperback, English
268 page(s)
ISBN/ISBN13: /9786237150169
Published Mar 29, 2022 by Lontar Foundation

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What is particularly significant about the second volume in the trilogy, given the English title The Turning Wheel, is that it recounts the hardship faced after 1965, by the families of those murdered and detained. It reveals the strength demanded of their wives who suddenly needed to find a livelihood when their husband, usually the breadwinner, was detained. A detainee’s whole immediate and extended family was tainted as being ‘communist-related’ and this meant that most people avoided them for fear of being similarly affected. The children of detainees faced taunts and bullying at school as being children of ‘communists’.

Its publisher Lontar has now released a translation of the first and second books in the trilogy. All three novels have been translated by Keith Foulcher who has sensitively and sympathetically made them as readable in English as they are in Indonesian.
Ron Witton   in A life told in three parts (Inside Indonesia, Jul 11, 2022)

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