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The Sydney Review of Books is an online journal devoted to long-form literary criticism. We publish essays on books and literary culture by some of the best critics and writers in Australia.

In-depth analysis and robust critical discussion are crucial to the development of Australia’s literary culture. Our focus is Australian writing, but we also consider the work of significant overseas authors.

Concerns about the reduced space for serious cultural criticism in the mainstream media prompted the establishment of the Sydney Review of Books by the Writing and Society Research Centre at the University of Western Sydney in 2013. We intend the Sydney Review of Books to be a venue in which Australian writers and critics can engage with books at length, a venue in which to rediscover the intimate connection between the art of criticism and the art of the essay.


Rethinking Censorship in Indonesia - Nov 06, 2015

Book Review(s)

In Suspicion of Beauty: On Eka Kurniawan - Mar 18, 2016