Five Questions with Intan Paramaditha

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About Intan Paramaditha,
Written by Mirandi Riwoe, and was originally published in Peril,
Sep 09, 2018

Mirandi Riwoe chats with Intan Paramaditha about disobedient women, life and myth, and her forthcoming novel in translation, The Wandering.

Mirandi: In Apple and Knife I noticed that you often write of women who have to distract and deflect to survive their worlds. At other times, your female characters are depicted as fearful, or as a threat. Do you feel that you, or your characters, have ‘skin in the game’ when you write of these themes?

Intan: In general I have always been interested in stories of resistance. As an academic, I am less interested in focusing on electoral politics or political parties than on citizens who explore ways to interrogate and create political intervention. And, perhaps due to my background as a woman writer and a feminist, I find it important to tell stories about women who resist structures of power that confine them.

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