Arnis Silvia


She was born in Jember (Feb 24, 1988), and currently lives in Adelaide, South Australia

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A poet, a blogger, a nature admirer, a language lover. Arnis won some blog competition awards (Djarum Blogger Awards, 2009; Adira Face of Indonesia, 2010). Arnis’ first anthology of poems “Titi Kala Mangsa” (Indonesian) was published by AE Publishing in 2017, followed by her second anthology of poems in English “Behind the Closed Door” published by Mahima Institute, Bali. Arnis won poetry writing competition by Inkumedia (2017) with her poem “Cangkir”. Her poem “Padanya” was also published in an anthology entitled “Artikulasi” published by Ellunar (2018). Since 2016, Arnis moved to Adelaide, South Australia for her doctoral study at University of South Australia majoring Languages and Linguistics. Arnis reads her poetry in some literary events in Adelaide (Soul Lounge, Spoken Words, and Open Mic). Her poetry was also featured in Verse Magazine Australia entitled “Ramadan”, “Home”, “Homeless Home” and “My Body is Your Mosque”. Arnis’ newest project is in collaboration with Adrian Yunan (former personnel of Efek Rumah Kaca) to create audiopoetry aiming for presenting poems for people with disabilities.