Berto Tukan


She was born in Larantuka (Apr 21, 1985), and currently lives in Jakarta

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A writer and cultural activist. He has studied at the German Studies Program, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, University of Indonesia (not finished). He completed his undergraduate study at the Philosophy Program, STF Driyarkara. Now, he is studying Master of Philosophy at STF Driyarkara. In addition to writing fiction (short stories and poetry), he also wrote essays in print and online mass media. Some of his essays, poems, and short stories have been included in several books of potpourri. His first sole book is Seikat Kisah Tentang Yang Bohong, a collection of short stories (Alpha Centaury, 2016). Berto has been active in the Remotivi Institute, an agency specializing in television studies and advocacy. In addition, he has several times been a researcher for several programs from the Jakarta Arts Council, such as the program for the publication of the book of Indonesian Art in Criticism and Essay and the Research Program of Visual Arts in Three Cities (Jakarta, Jogja, and Bandung). He has, along with several friends, published alternative media such as Pendar Pena, Problem Filsafat, and Dada Terbit. Now, he is active in ruangrupa as an editor at


Seikat Kisah Tentang yang Bohong
Collection of Short Stories (E)
194 page(s), Alpha Centauri