Naneng Setiasih


She was born in Bandung (Aug 08, 2014), and currently lives in Bandung
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Naneng Setiasih has been working for coral reef conservation since 1997 when she was still a university student. She is among the few experts in coral reef management under the changing climate in Asia Pacific. She currently works as Coral Triangle Regional Manager for the Coral Reef Alliance. Awarded by two scholarships, she received masters degrees from the Bandung Institute of Technology and the School of Environmental Science University of East Anglia. She started writing short popular stories for her high school magazines. Her university and working period as a marine ecologist made her focused on program reporting and scientific writings. She joint published several coral reef technical/management books and scientific journal articles. In 2010, she finally managed to publish her first novel about love, environment and social justice in Indonesia.1

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