Angelina Enny


She was born in Kotabumi, Lampung Utara (Jul 19, 1978), and currently lives in Jakarta

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A writer, actor and theatre director. Her debut collection of stories, Nokturnal Melankolia, about the beauty and esthetics of depression, was nominated for the Kusala Literature Award and has been made into a theatre piece. She is working on a new novel, Anjangsana, about her personal relationship with her nanny who was silenced after Tragedy 65. In 2019, Enny collaborated with the Dutch writer and musician Robin Block on the poetry collection In Between, Di Antara. In it, they seek out their personal stories, (family) memories and dreams, as well as their shared (Indonesian) history. The project resulted in the performance A Passage, Sebuah Antara, a mix of poems, songs, movement and images, which they performed in October 2019 at the Literature and Ideas Festival (LIFEs) in Jakarta. Enny says: “For me, historical events consist of personal histories. Stories of people whose chronicles we have forgotten. That is precisely why we must tell them.”1



Nokturnal Melankolia
Collection of Short Stories
1176 page(s), Gramedia Pustaka Utama

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