Nanang Suryadi


He was born in Pulomerak, Serang (Jul 08, 1973), and currently lives in Malang

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A man of letters are not limited to its education, religion, or cultural background. Everyone can be poet or a man of letters. This can be seen in the lecturer of Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya (FEB UB), Nanang Suryadi, SE.,MM. Aside from his activity as a teacher, Nanang Suryadi, SE.,MM is also effective in producing works in the form of poems and short stories. His skill in poetry has been acknowledged. Hundreds, and even thousands of poem verses has been created by the lecturer, who is also chosen to become the chief of an Indonesian poet community.1

  1. Prasetya Online 


Penyair Midas
Poetry Collection
166 page(s), Indie Book Corner