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As of today in 2011, Only A Girl will be published by Dalang Publishing and distributed by Ingram. The title will also be carried by Barnes & Noble and Amazon. The new ISBN number is 978-0-9836273-7-1. While the content has remained the same, there is a marked improvement in the rendition of the cover art as well as the overall physical quality of the book. According to their news section on website, this is how the story began for Dalang Publishing.

This month in 2015, Words Without Borders’ newest issue presents writing from Indonesia, MYTH AND HISTORY. 
Hasif Amini interrogates the origin of poetic invention, Taufik Ikram Jamil writes to and of a lover, and Clara Ng’s retired teacher agonizes over the daily fairy tale essential to his survival, while Mona Sylviana’s cad turns a confession into entertainment. M. Iksaka Banu finds a journalist embedded with Dutch colonial invaders witnessing a tragic episode from the bloody Balinese past. In two tales of revenge, Abidah El Khalieqy’s defiant prostitute shows up her client and tormentor, and Zen Hae’s sly crow turns avenger. Acep Zamzam Noor mourns disaster and indicts the government response.

2018 — We created this dedicated page—a list of translated books by Indonesian women writers—, to celebrate August as Women in Translation Month.